Reunion 1999 pix
Ralph Guay & friend
"Luv Dem Bass" or "Ralphie-Boy Strikes Again"

Jerry Guth

"Jus' relaxin' in da tub"

Jerry Guth - hittin' the Strasse
"Downtown Jerry"
Dave Schlachter & Don 'Pete' Peterson
KP duty

Hey, Somebody had to do the dishes!

Dave 'Granny' Munsinger, 'Pete' Peterson
Jerry Guth, Dave Schlachter
Gee, where's Ralph?
Da Volga Boatmen?
Don 'Pete' Peterson
Hittin' da road
Pete Mit Kar
A happy Ralph O. Guay
Does that say "Funtana"?
Dave Munsinger, Jerry Guth
Mnogo Seriosno
Dave Munsinger, Dave Schlachter
It don't get no better'n this, folks.
Dave Munsinger
Nash Kapitan
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